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Maria Ramirez

Registered nurse / FNP student UNCW

Maria Ramirez

Wilson Medical Center

Hometown: Sims, NC

How long have you lived in Wilson: 15 years

Why are you in Wilson? What keeps you here? I am in Wilson because I have established relationships including family, friends, mentors, and colleagues. I choose to remain in the community because Wilson has provided me with the opportunity to be successful. I have also noticed how Wilson continues to look for ways to improve as a community who welcomes and supports everyone.

What does being a young professional mean to you? A young professional is someone who seeks to continue to grow within their field of study while also applying those skills to better the greater community.

What about this community excites you? I have enjoyed continued growth of community events and am excited about opportunities for development within Wilson and its surrounding areas. I am excited about investment in our youth including the building of the after school network for middle schoolers and the WASH clinics offered at high school locations.

What about this community concerns you the most? I am concerned about the lack of diversity and representation in leadership. I am concerned it is not a reflection of the members of the community.

How would you like to be involved in creating the future of Wilson? I would like to be involved in areas where my skills and education would be best utilized. As a healthcare provider, I hope to be a part of preventative services such as primary care and lead our community into a healthier future. I also believe artistic expression is an essential approach to building welcoming communities.

Maria Ramirez
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