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Public Service

Find out what local elected offices help shape the Wilson Community and how you can get involved.

Wilson County

The Wilson County Government is overseen by the Board of Commissioners who are elected each November to serve 2 year terms. Public meetings are open to everyone and held the first Monday of every month. Other elected offices include the Wilson County Clerk of Courts, Register of Deeds, and the Sheriff. 

Find out more about the Wilson County Board of Commissioners

The City of Wilson

Officially incorporated in 1849, the Wilson City Council consists of a Mayor and seven City Council members.  City Council members are elected from voters in seven districts while the mayor is elected at-large (city wide).  The mayor serves as the presiding officer at City Council meetings and as the official head of the City for ceremonial purposes.  A Mayor Pro-Tempore is selected by the Council from its members.  The mayor votes only when there is a tie vote and serves as the spokesperson for the Council and is authorized to execute legal documents on behalf of the City. 

Find more about the Mayor and City Council at

Wilson County Board of Elections

The Wilson County Board of Elections provides the community with non-partisan political and election information. New residents can learn where to vote by entering their address, see the results of elections, view the demographics of community voters, and more.

Anyone running for public office must file with the Board of Elections

Adult Ballet Class

Complete this form to recruit more talented leaders and volunteers for your organization. You can use the form to update your organization's details. Managed by Cohort V of the Wilson Leadership Institute. 

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