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EJ Story

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

EJ Story

Duke University School of Medicine

Hometown: Wilson, NC

Why are you in Wilson? What keeps you here? I am in Wilson because this town gave me so much love and support as I grew up, and I took much of that for granted until returning home in 2018. After living in other places and realizing how much I missed my hometown, I decided to move back and begin figuring out my next steps. My wife, Savannah Story, is the one who originally insisted we live here, and when I came back and truly began to appreciate the community and history of our city, it was easy to see how lucky I was to grow up here. Savannah got us back home, and we want to stay here because we absolutely love feeling like we have a voice, and can play an active role in our community; because there are no better people than Wilsonians; because there is no other place I hope our future family can one day grow to love, too.
What does being a young professional mean to you? A young professional is anyone who is at a starting point- or turning point- in their career, and wants to find ways to blend their work with the community they love; it’s someone who is excited to invest their working hours in their hometown; someone who is hoping to grow professionally and individually.
What about this community excites you? Our community excites me because there is always something new happening. It feels as if every time I think I have a good idea for Wilson, there is already a group or an organization which I can join that is implementing that idea. I love how I can ask one person how I can best use my passions, and he/she will know just who to point me toward to get the ball rolling.
What about this community concerns you the most? While it is such a special gift to live in a town that is as collaborative as ours, and to have leaders around us who can help us get involved, it is a double-edged sword. This community is very accessible and inviting, but we must KNOW the right people and leaders to speak with in order to get involved. I fear we overlook a portion of our young professionals that could contribute to our community, simply because they do not run in the same circles as many of our board members or activists.
How would you like to be involved in creating the future of Wilson? I would like to be involved through some sort of children’s wellness collaborative. After I finish Duke’s DPT program, I really hope to return to work as a physical therapist in Wilson County Public Schools, and somehow blend my love for physical activity and nutrition with my work.

EJ Story
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