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Jessica Williams

Communications Manager and Health Education Supervisor

Jessica Williams

Wilson County Health Department

Hometown: Wilson, NC

Why are you in Wilson? What keeps you here?
I was born in raised in Wilson, NC. I lived in Wilson for the majority of my life (24 years), only moving upon marriage to create an easier commute. I began my public health career in Wilson County; however, my family and familiar connection with the county is what keeps me here. What does being a young professional mean to you?
As a young professional, I honestly look forward to making a difference in the community that raised me. I would define a young professional as a working individual under the age of 40. What about this community excites you? What about this community concerns you the most?
I believe what excites me the most about Wilson County is the possibilities for growth. The most exciting thing about being in the county for so long is the ability to witness the growth and expansion that has occurred over the last 25 years. Yet, there is still much more room for growth in many areas of our community. The less steady growth in the eastern portion of our community, however, concerns me the most.
How would you like to be involved in creating the future of Wilson?
As a public health professional, I would like to be involved in the growth of the health systems of Wilson County in the future. In addition, in the future, I would like to be involved in the economic development of this amazing community as well.

Jessica Williams
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