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Nickie Womble

Legal Assistant

Nickie Womble

Farris & Thomas Law

Hometown: Wilson, NC

Why are you in Wilson? What keeps you here? My family, friends, and I am happily employed at the largest and best firm in town (yes, I’m biased).

What does being a young professional mean to you? A young professional is an open-minded individual who is willing to share unique skills in his/her/their occupation. A few qualities that come to mind when thinking of the term: motivated, talented, and successful.

What about this community excites you? Improvements to the downtown area. As a Wilson native, I have never seen downtown thrive as it does now. It makes me extremely proud!

What about this community concerns you the most? The disregard of a few of our public schools and the negative connotations linked to some of them.

How would you like to be involved in creating the future of Wilson? Being a part of this group has opened my eyes to certain attributes of this community that I, unfortunately, never paid much attention to. I'm inspired by my peers, and I hope that this opportunity allows me to become more involved through volunteering and/or engaged in other organizations targeted towards my interests.

Nickie Womble
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